Why You Should Be Using Peppermint On Your Skin


       We have all tried peppermint, whether it be the candy or in a dessert our aunt makes. It’s super tasty, makes you have great breath, and smells fantastic. But, did you know it’s great for many more reasons? Particularly, when you use it on your skin.
Many products have in the past and are again starting to show up with more and more peppermint, like that of Scrub Me Joe’s : Shuga- Shuga. A sugar scrubbed soaked with peppermint and other ingredients to give you a spa day at home.
Below you will see many reasons why you might need to be using peppermint, and what it can do for you.
 Headache: Peppermint can relieve headache pain pressure.
You will need to place the peppermint oil drops on a cloth and breathe it in or massage it your temples.
Irritations and Itching: Peppermint oil has a minor numbing effect when placed on the skin, which may be why it is helpful for reducing skin irritations, whether caused by poison ivy and other toxic plants or insect bites..
Stress: Peppermint oil is energizing and cooling.
Apply the drops to your bath, or simply scrub your body with Shuga-Shuga for a total relaxed body.
Muscle Pain: Relieves muscle spasms and pain.
After you clean yourself, rinse, and scrub. Shuga-Shuga comes in handy again, as you scrub, target those pains and muscles.
Memory Problems: The smell of peppermint has been known to enhance alertness and increase memory.
Hair & Skin: Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can cool your skin and remove buildup on your scalp (dandruff and products).
It can also remove dead skin cells.
Breastfeeding-Associated Nipple Pain And Damage: Helps prevent pain and nipple cracks in breastfeeding mothers.
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