The Celebrity's Secret For Easy Contouring

We have all seen the many videos online of contouring, but with there being so many ways to do it we find ourselves wondering which is the best. To get that celebrity look and make it easy, its time we turn to STROBING!

What is strobing?? It's just another word for highlighting, but strobing sounds better.  Try and forget everything you learned about contouring, because we know the process was probably not fun. Extra highlighting will give you a glamorous, shimmery, more youthful look and glow. Here are some tips and steps to make sure you get the perfect strobe! 

1. Prepare your face with a moisturizer that hydrates. Strobing is all about getting the perfect tone, so you'll need to hydrate dry skin with a good moisturizer first. If you are like most of us and have oily skin, use an oil free option.

2. Match your highlighter with your skin tone. To avoid the pale look of the 1990's, make sure the highlighter you're using complements your skin tone.

3. Use the highlighter in placed that catches light.  Start with your cheekbones,  temples, down the center of your nose, below your brow bone, in the corners of your eyes, and above your cupid's bow. This enhances the features you have. Don't rub it all over your face, or you will look way to greasy. Skip areas like your forehead or chin, which have a little shine already, if you have oily skin.


4. Blend it after you highlight. Blend any harsh edges of highlighter so it fades into your skin.

5. Oily skin, opt for matte bronzer, blush, or  randomly use a shimmery highlighter. To avoid looking like a crystal ball , avoid highlighting areas on your face that have breakouts or bumps — what ever you highlight will be spotlighted. 

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