The Worst Summer Trend Ever!

If you haven't seen the latest summer trend, you have to at least take one look. Let's be honest, there are many trends that come and go, and each person has their own style, but the new cowboy boots that we are seeing just couldn't go unnoticed.  I had always assumed that cowboys went bootless when it got to hot, or switched to flip flops when going for a dip. I never thought there would be cowboy boot sandals.  As someone who loves cowboy boots and mixing them with cute dresses any time of year, it was hard for me to grasp the sandal version.


This unusual trend promotes the traditional cowboy look, but comes with the comfort of a flipflop. The name "wait for it" is the Redneck Boot Sandal, and  they are exactly what you would think they would look like. 

As funny as some might view them, the price to purchase them is no laughing matter A set of these booties will set you back $75 or more, and you'll have to send in your own boots to be changed. 

It's a commitment, but fashion always comes at a price. These boot sandals are literally the hottest pair of sandals you could sport on your feet this season. Get to trendsetting. 

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