How to Combat Aging Like a Man

How to Combat Aging Like a Man with Joe...


Men ease into every birthday, looking better with age, while it seems like women wage a never-ending war against the aging process.

Is this merely societal perception or scientific fact?

According to experts, it's a little of both, mostly due to hormones and genetics. In general, men have the advantage when it comes to aging because their skin is 20 to 30 percent thicker than women's, which decreases sagging. Men don't typically lie out and soak up the sun like women do. Even if a moisturizer has never grazed its surface, a man's skin naturally has more oil, thanks to testosterone, which counteracts dryness and wrinkles.


When choosing your face-sloughing solution, though, bear in mind that harsh scrubs can be damaging.

Joe is strong enough for a man, but gentle enough for a woman.

Scrubbing with Joe before shaving can help expose hair follicles and help eliminate dead skin. This will give you a closer shave and a much younger appearance.


When combined with healthy eating habits, exercise and general Happiness, Joe can be the difference  in how you skin looks to the outside world. Even though it is not all about looks, Joe can chisel that jaw line, eliminate those crows feet, and smooth those blemishes all before you know it.


Joe is typically thought of as a woman’s beauty product. But rest assured that men have been seeing the great benefits too. 

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