8 Great Ideas For A Girls' Night In

8 Ideas for Girls Night In


Family, work, and keeping up a house can take a lot of energy, and a girls’ night allows for some much needed downtime. Staying in with your friends can be just as fun if not more fun, seeing there is not a time or limit on anything. Check out the ideas we came up with, and enjoy your girl time.

  1. Cook A Meal

Sharing girl talk, and updating each other on your lives is great to do in the kitchen. Make it a snack party with pizza and dips, or cook a meal together. Yummy and Fun!

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  1. Watch A Movie

Make it a chick flick night, or watch something you will all enjoy. Relax and kick back with the girls.

  1. Makeover Your Friends

Try out some new contouring or strobing techniques on each other, and learn something while having fun. There is sure to be a ton of laughs. Check out our blog on Strobing and Contouring for more information.

  1. Play A Game

Take a stroll down memory lane with games like trouble and a glass of wine, or try something new like Cards Against Humanity.

  1. Bartend Your Night Away

Throw some cocktails together and enjoy each other’s company with stories about the past. We all love to reflect back on high school and college days.

  1. DIY Projects

Get on Pinterest and find something you all wish you had or could make for the house.

  1. Plan A Trip Together

What is more fun than spending a week together in the Caribbean or anywhere with sand and sun. Get together and plan.


  1. Start A New TV Series

Turn one night into many, and make it tradition by starting a TV Show you all love and watch together.


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