How Does Joe Benefit Your Skin?

Soothing Your Skin with Joe

Joe uses coffee grounds infused with salt, sugar, and oils. Some other body scrubs use harsh chemicals to exfoliate your skin, but not Joe. Our formula is meant to leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturized rather than just cleansed.

Our goal is to be you permanent replacement for those chemically powered scrubs. Joe can easily fill the space in your beauty drawer once filled by harmful compounds. 

Joe's Power

Aside from the amazing exfoliation that Joe provides, caffeine is the most obvious, but often overlooked factor.

Caffeine is easily found in nature and is so widely used because of it's extreme effectiveness at entering and altering our minds and bodies. Lesser known are the benefits it has when we apply it to our skin.

Joe with the power of caffeine will help tighten skin, reducing cellulite and when applied to puffy areas it will minimize their appearance. Caffeine does this by restricting the blood vessels that can lead to swelling and inflammation. Say good bye to those baggy eyes!

This natural ingredient will also help fight the premature signs of aging thanks to its overload of antioxidants.

To Brew or Not to Brew

The caffeine content of Joe compared to other coffee scrubs is also an important factor.

Would you want already brewed coffee grounds or coffee grounds that were not brewed and made right into your scrub? Joe feels that brewed coffee grounds lose a majority of their caffeine after being brewed. This would not benefit your skin at all because the natural ingredient would be missing. We keep all the caffeine infused specifically for your skin and health. 



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