If You Want Perfect Skin, Stop Doing These Things!

We all want to look our brightest and best, the happiest healthiest versions of ourselves. And a great way to get there begins with your skin. It’s your biggest organ so you need to take good care of it. Think about how much your skin really does in a day. It’s a lot right? So show your skin some love by not doing these seven things. They may look small, but they’ll add up to the happiness of your and your skin.

Over Cleansing

There is such a thing as too clean when it comes to your skin. Completely stripping your skin of natural oil may seem squeaky clean fun, but it's actually going to cause your body to over produce oils and it may even dry you out. Yuck.


Yes, you should totally use a gentle scrub to help assist cell turn-over for both face and the rest of your body. But just like too clean, too much scrubbing can have negative effects. You can only slough off so much of your top layer of skin after all. Try once a week to start and seem how your skin reacts.


Yes, vitamin D is important, but you're aging your skin if you're spending too much time in the sun or booth. Even darker complexions will see the effects of sun damage down the line. This one is tricky, since you may love the tan you have now. But think of the wrinkles you won't have in your 60s. Yeah, that'll be nice. Try a spray tan if you really must look cooked.


Give your face a break! The pores on your face are stupid-sensitive little things. If you have a habit of touching your face (you might not even be aware if you do!) you're depositing dirt and oils all day long. And all that extra gunk adds up to blemishes that you're going to be tempted to seek and destroy. But the best thing you can do is leave blemishes alone OR talk to a dermatologist about the really nasty ones.

Sleeping in Makeup

It seems like a joke that anyone would still do this. But just make a promise to yourself that you'll at least take your makeup off before going to bed, even if you don't follow your full routine, at least it's something.

Using Whatever

You should have a handle on whether you're oily or dry, if your skin changes with the seasons or hormones, if you have reactions to fragrances. Know thine skin, and then know thine products. If you have dry skin, don't shy away from using moisturizers formulated for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, know what sets it off. It's the only way to get results.


This is like asking you to learn to walk on water, you're never gonna do. Nobody is stress-free. You can however, work toward being less stressed. You'll avoid stress wrinkles and sleep better if you do. Try meditation or exercise to help curb anxiety.

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