These baby skunks were abandoned, so a dog adopted them, and it was all too perfect

Today in adorable hero dogs, this good dog Freddie raised three abandoned baby skunks as her own! We didn’t know that this kind of off-the-charts cute was allowed to exist! There are some amazing dogs out there on the Internet, but Freddie seriously takes the cake! Everything about this story is so amazingly adorable, so buckle up!

According to the YouTube channel Skunks and Co., Freddie has been an integral part of raising the little skunks who were rejected by their mother. The channel reads,

“Hand rearing them from that age was not easy but our little dog Freddie wouldn’t leave the skunks and has taken over as step mum. We feed them and she does the rest, cleaning and protecting!” 




We could tell you more about this adorable-ness, but it is probably better if we just show you. So check out Freddie and her baby skunks in action below!

Freddie is such a good dog mama, and the baby skunks seem to love her so much! This is truly a new level of cuteness in the world of interspecies friendships!

As if there weren’t enough cuteness in that first video, there’s another one! Freddie and her skunk babies going to the park for the first time!

Those skunks are seriously so sweet, and we cannot get over how adorable Freddie the dog is as a helicopter mom!

Even better, according to the YouTube channel, the skunks are flourishing! The update reads,

“We had to attempt to save their lives and hand rear them. From their first ever feed, every two hours day and night for the first week. We didn’t expect them to survive as they where all under average birth weight! They didn’t just survive! They did amazingly well!” 

Good news all around! We are so glad that the owners stepped and rescued these adorable baby skunks, and that Freddie the dog was there to help!

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