This New White Sneaker Trend Is On Fire

Alert the press: Miranda Kerr, Kylie Jenner and Olivia Palermo have all ditched their Stan Smiths.

In the past, when celebs wanted to make a sporty statement, their go-to footwear, typically, was a crisp set of white Adidas. But these style stars? They've found a $120 (now 25% off at Nordstrom) Kenneth Cole pair that helps accomplish a variety of outfit styles.

So while Gigi Hadid's kicking around in her Reeboks, these A-lists are perfectly fine showing off their street style prowess in this versatile pair of shoes.

Why these white sneakers? Keep reading.

They're Logo-less: You can see that Nike swoosh coming from a mile away, but this sneaker has zero branding on its exterior whatsoever. Subtly is a huge selling point for most celebs (depending on the designer because Dior's clearly currently exempt), so slipping on this incognito pair of white shoes is an outfit no-brainer for those in the spotlight.

They're Colorless: Except for the bronze metallic stripe down the back of the sneaker, you won't find color anywhere. Meaning: This shoe goes with anything: any color, any style, any pattern, etc.



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