Top Benefits of Vanilla extract for Skin, Hair and Health

Vanilla is an herbaceous plant and you get vanilla extract form vanilla beans. It is one of the most popular flavours used in sugar scrubs like Shuga Shuga. Its fragrance is great and can be made use of in perfumes and for treating various diseases.

Benefits of Vanilla extract for the Skin:

Anti-ageing properties:

The high concentration of anti-oxidants present in Shuga Shuga cinnamon/vanilla helps to prevent as well as oppose the action of free radicals, which cause great damage to the skin. This way it reduces the occurrence of wrinkles, fine lines on the skin, especially around the eyes and the mouth, and age spots. Vanilla also has pleasant smell, which is made use of in cosmetic industry. The anti-ageing property of vanilla also makes it an important ingredient in our Shuga Shuga scrub.

For smoothening burns:

One of the traditional uses of vanilla is its use in treating burns, wounds and cuts. You must not use concentrated extracts of vanilla or the essential oil directly on fresh burns. Better you consult a doctor before you carry on with home remedies for burns.

For healthy skin:

Vanilla is rich in Vitamin B complex, which includes niacin, Vitamin B6, thiamin and pantothenic acid. All these are greatly beneficial to have a healthy skin. You can also prevent the damages caused to the skin by pollutants and toxins in the environment by using vanilla. This is because of the anti-oxidant properties of vanilla.  Massage Shuga Shuga on your face for a few minutes, wash with warm water and then sprinkle some cold water on the face.

Treatment of acne:

Vanilla is used for the treatment of acne because of its antibacterial properties. It cleanses your skin and makes it oil free and dirt free, thus reducing the pimples and acnes on your face.

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