Frequently Asked Questions only JOE can answer.

1. Where can I buy JOE at?

• While we are working on becoming available in your local stores, for now the only way to receive a little piece of JOE is right here from our site! Check our social media outlets for discount codes to help with your JOE buying experience.

2. Where do we ship?

 • JOE can be shipped to many countries and regions. However if you want to know specifically about your country please email

3. Can you eat JOE?

 • Joe is meant for topical use only. It is not meant for consumption.

4. Will it get rid of acne? Stretch Marks? Scars?

• JOE is designed to help alleviate skin conditions such as dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and scarring. Results may vary, depending on the amount of JOE used, frequency of use, the intensity and thoroughness of scrub. So generously apply, as often as you can! Let's Get Dirty!

5. Does it work on different colored skin?

• JOE is good for all skin types and ethnicities, MALE and FEMALE. Everyone can get dirty with JOE and love it!

6. Is JOE organic/natural?

 • JOE is made from all natural ingredients. There will be no harsh chemicals. SO Scrub away!

7. Is JOE for men?

 • See #5 :)

8. Where can I get wholesale information? 

You may contact

Our list of ingredients is as follows:
Coffee, Coconut Oil, Water, Vitamin E Oil, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Parfum

Our return policy is as follows:
We do not accept any opened product. We only accept unopened product. When you return the shipment you will be issued a refund, minus shipping and handling. This goes for any order of any size. Sorry for any inconvenience this may present.



    I want to cancel my auto-refill. Is that possible?

    By signing up for this auto-refill service you are agreeing to maintain an active subscription service with for 3 Months in return for a 15% discount during checkout. After this 3 month period, if you would like to cancel, we require 5 Business days notification before your refill date to properly cancel without you being charged.

  •  What is my Auto-Refill date? 

    Everyone's Auto-Refill date will depend upon the date they purchased their initial product. Every auto-refill interval takes place 30 or 60 days after that depending on your selection. A 30 day option, for example if first purchased on December 24, 2015. Then your auto-refill would take place on January 23, 2016. The next would be on February 22, 2016, and so on.

Thank you for visiting our site and learning a little about JOE. If you have any more questions that may not have been answered by this page please email!