6. Sexy Single

JOE Coffee Scrub

$ 25.95

JOE Coffee Scrub is an All Natural abnormally sexy coffee scrub.
He loves to get you dirty and then make you silky smooth.

Focusing in on skin conditions like eczema, acne, dry skin, stretch marks, JOE delivers the smoothness you want and the feeling you deserve. He will take time out of his day to give you that perfect massage, or listen to your hard days work, all while making your skin silky smooth and your friends jealous. Don't you need this kind of attention?

1. Moisten Skin in shower/bath.
2. Apply JOE Generously to target areas.
3. Rinse Off

This purchase is for a single container of JOE.


If you choose auto refill: By signing up for this auto-refill service you are agreeing to maintain an active subscription service with Scrubmejoe.com for 3 Months in return for a 15% discount during checkout. After this 3 month period, if you would like to cancel, we require 5 Business days notification before your refill date to properly cancel without you being charged.

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