1. The Ultimate Party Pack


$ 105.95 $ 113.75

Get Ready To Party! The Ultimate Party Pack containing, Scrub Me Joe and all that Shuga-Shuga has to offer. Includes one of each below. 
Coffee Scrub
Peppermint Scrub
Lavender Scrub
Citrus Scrub
Cinnamon Vanilla Scrub


JOE Coffee Scrub is an abnormally sexy coffee scrub.
He loves to get you dirty and then make you silky smooth.

Shuga-Shuga is a Girl's Best Friend and the lighter side of JOE. Consider her your friend who knows all your sweet secrets and you can tell her anything.

In this package you will receive 1 of each body scrub.

Scrub Me Joe Coffee Scrub, Shuga-Shuga Cinnamon, Shuga-Shuga Lavender, Shuga-Shuga Citrus, and Shuga-Shuga Peppermint.

Focusing in on skin conditions like eczema, acne, dry skin, stretch marks, JOE delivers the smoothness you want and the feeling you deserve. He will take time out of his day to give you that perfect massage, or listen to your hard days work, all while making your skin silky smooth and your friends jealous.

Shuga delivers the smoothness by moisturizing deep down and brightening dull skin. She will take time out of her day to lend you that ear you need, or just have a girl's night out. She does all this while making your skin flawlessly moisturized. Don't you need this kind of attention?

1. Moisten Skin in shower/bath.
2. Apply Scrub Generously to target areas.
3. Rinse


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